Thermodynamics of a laptop computer

Heat production is now the limiting factor in information processing. Colourbox Information processing requires a lot of energy.

Thermodynamics of a laptop computer

By Stephen Bucaro That desk in front of you and everything else around you is made up of atoms. An atom consists of electrons orbiting around a nucleus.

An atom is increadibly tiny. You could line up 10 million of them inside a millimeter.

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What if we could scale up an atom so that the nucleus was the size of a basketball? The orbits of its electrons would then be 15 miles away. From this you can understand that atoms are almost all empty space. The nucleus of the atom is composed of quarks. If you could see a quark or an electron up close, it might appear as a tiny vibrating glow of energy.

It turns out this world that is causing us so many problems and so much stress is mostly an illusion! The electrons orbit the nucleus at about the speed of light. If you could see them, they might appear as a blur.

They do not orbit in a plane like the pictures in books. They create a shell. Sometimes two or more atoms will share electrons, causing them to link together forming a molecule.

Thermodynamics of a laptop computer

Looking at that desk in front of you again, it looks pretty solid. Actually, unless your desk is floating in deep space where the temperature is close to absolute zero, the molecules of your desk are vibrating like crazy. Picture the molecules bouncing around and smacking into each other like balls on a pool table.

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When heat causes molecules to vibrate, they transfer energy between each other in a similar fashion. This action is called "conduction".

Now picture the CPU of a computer cooking away because the designer wants to push too much power through a small piece of silicon. The problem is usually solved by mounting a heat sink on the CPU.

Conduction causes the heat to move from the hot CPU to the cooler heat sink.

Thermodynamics of a laptop computer

· Satellite Session Conference on Complex Systems '15 ccsorg The Industrial Age and Thermodynamics; the Information Age and What? Tempe Arizona, Sept 30, , am – pm The room comes with a laptop computer, projector, screen, microphone, and Eventually all the air inside the computer case will get hot, so fans are used to blow the air out of the case of the computer.

The heat has moved from the CPU, to the heat sink, to the air inside the case, to the air in the room where you're sitting at your computer Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place.

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Energy-saving computer systems could make computing more efficient.

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Place the laptop on an elevated platform such as a notebook to prevent any accidental spill from hurting the laptop. Manual Determination of the Heat of Reaction for Dissolving of a Sodium Nitrate. 1. Measure out approximately 5 grams of sodium nitrate. 03

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