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The search within

Searching in shared mailboxes within Outlook can yield different results depending on how the Outlook profile is configured. Therefore, it is vital to understand how different configurations affect the Outlook search feature.

First, it is important to know that the Instant Search feature is only available when Outlook is in Cached Exchange Mode.

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Secondly, if Outlook is in Online Mode, the search feature passes the query to the Microsoft Exchange server, utilizing the index available on the server. In some configurations, you are limited to using the Current Folder search scope when searching in a shared mailbox.

In this scenario, after typing the search criteria to get instant results in Cached Exchange Mode or pressing Enter in Online Modethe search scope displayed in the upper left corner of Outlook shows All Mail Items or All Outlook Items selected.

This is true even if you initiated the search in a folder of the shared mailbox.

MS Excel: How to use the SEARCH Function (WS)

The end result is that no items from the shared mailbox are returned. To include the shared mailbox in the scope, you need to manually reselect Current Folder.

The search within

Based on your need, the profile may need to be reconfigured using one of several methods. These are detailed below.Jun 27,  · Immigrant children: Federal judge orders families separated at border be reunited within 30 days. A federal judge in California has ordered U.S.

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It is commonly used in combination with ranges or the:g command (below).:s/ pattern / string / flags. Track Listing: The Search Within (Interlude); Transitions; The Ambitious Violet; Life Cycles; The Storm; Letter Of Resignation; The Search Within (For Less); Summer's .

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The search within
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