The life and times of saint john the baptist

John the Baptist on June 24th, and St. John the Evangelist on December 27th.

The life and times of saint john the baptist

Intense was his joy when Pauline offered him a part of the precious relics which she had brought with her. A chapel was immediately erected in his church in honour of the Virgin Martyr where the relic was duly placed. This chapel soon became the scene of innumerable cures, conversions and miracles.

Vianney dedicated himself by special vow to Saint Philomena, and a marvelous intimacy became evident between the good priest and her whom he now considered his Celestial Patroness. He did everything for her and she did everything for him. She appeared to him, conversed with him and granted everything in answer to his prayers.

He called her by the tenderest names and she delighted in bestowing on him the most wonderful favors. His gift of miracles was extraordinary, yet, far from producing in him the slightest notion of vanity, it was the greatest cross he had to bear.

He was wont to throw all the blame on Saint Philomena. I wish she would work her miracles away from here" he would say with a laugh. But all the same the Little Saint seemed to take keen pleasure in teasing her holy friend by performing her wonders by his very hands.

On one occasion a poor woman in the midst of a crowded church besought him to bless her sick child. He blessed the child and it was instantly restored to health. Every diocese has altars and chapels and churches dedicated to the Thaumaturga.

In Langres alone there were no less than twelve churches consecrated to her honour.

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Her three feasts the 11th, August, her principal festival, the 25th. May the Finding of her Relics and the Sunday within the octave of the Ascension, the feast of her Patronage, began to be celebrated with great pomp and attracted immense crowds.

The painting is housed in the Shrine of Ars, France. A new bond of love. Of the many marvels to be seen at Ars during the life of its saintly pastor, none was greater than the daily life of the holy man himself. His frail body was too extenuated with such rigorous fasts and penitential exercises that his emaciated appearance struck the visitors to Ars with awe.

Notwithstanding his extreme weakness, the incessant labor which he took on himself each day were enough to exhaust the most herculean strength, were he endowed with it. Day followed day and crowds thronged to Ars not only from all parts of France, but from England, Ireland, Germany and the other countries of Europe.

The sick, the sorrowful, holy souls as well as the most abandoned sinners flocked round him besieging his confessional. They spent long hours, even days, awaiting their turn to poor out their sorrows into his loving heart, or to ask for the solution of some subtle difficulty, or to tell him of the sins and wickedness of a life-time.

One glance from him went straight to the heart of the most hardened reprobate. His angelic smile brought comfort to the most distressed. A word - seemingly inspired - resolved the most intricate doubt.

But how he lived! That was the miracle of Ars. Every evening during the month of May, it was his wont to give a short Instructional. On the third day, just as he had begun to speak, he was taken so ill, that he was obliged to quit the pulpit and go to bed.

He was found to be suffering from a serious attack of pneumonia. During the next few days he was much worse; the fever never left him, and syncope after syncope followed each other in quick succession.

Three doctors met in consultation, and pronounced that there was scarcely any hope. The whole parish was in tears. One sees nothing but tears hears nothing but prayers and sobs. They could only calm his fervor, by giving notice each time the saint, rising in his bed of suffering, would give a general benediction.

As the doctors had recommended hat he should be spared all strong emotion, the priests who were present at Ars, agreed that the bell should not be rung.Our Mission. St. John the Baptist is a Roman Catholic parish founded by St. John Neumann where God is loved and present in the liturgy, the sacraments and the community, faith is enriched through our teaching and experiencing the gospel, all are welcome in the spirit openness, and generosity, and charity is extended through our ministry to all.

Prayer. Guide: In Saint John the Baptist we reflect upon a humble and strong witness for the Lord ask our heavenly father for the grace to live the intense experience of a friendship with Christ, mystical spouse of the Church.

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John the Baptist are the canonical these St. Luke is the most complete, giving as he does the wonderful circumstances accompanying the birth of the Precursor and items on his ministry and death.

St. Matthew's Gospel stands in close relation with that of St. Luke, as far as John's public ministry is.

The life and times of saint john the baptist

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