Site to site connectivity scenario

Avoid creating unnecessary number of gateways as it will create a hole in your pocket. The link to create site-to-site connectivity is mentioned above. Make sure to create Dynamic Routing gateways. This is where the actual catch is.

Site to site connectivity scenario

Speed Test Site connectivity We can leverage internet access or dedicated wired or wireless links to connecting all your locations and employees increasing collaboration and productivity.

Connect all your office locations. Is your VPN secured? A VPN Virtual Private Network connection or a dedicated point-to-point network link can be established using Internet access or dedicated wired or wireless links to connect all your locations and employees, thereby increasing profits and productivity.

While this will provide secure transport between locations, if an unauthorized user gains local access, all corporate data in all locations could be compromised unless there is internal security.

Site to site connectivity scenario

We offer a wide variety of VPN connectivity options to ensure a customized solution that meets your needs. We support point-to-point and point-to-multipoint deployments, with many connection speeds and different redundancy options to ensure reliability. All our site connectivity solutions are feature rich, fully managed and monitored.

Point-to-point deployment is suitable for main office to branch or data centre locations if there is low data traffic. ElastaLink uses many different access types to deliver site connectivity services. All connections offer multiple VLANs for traffic separation, QoS and bandwidth prioritization to support even your most sensitive applications such as voice or multimedia.

Site to site connectivity scenario

This simplifies traffic management and provides additional security in managing access on a site-by-site basis.

However, sometimes it is necessary for a device or application to be installed at a remote location yet still be reachable within a local network LAN. For example, an application that is using discovery protocol and is designed to work only in a LAN environment, or a controller or a meter that is reporting to a server with a local IP address.

All these scenarios can be handled with our Edge routers, which is not the case with most other routers. In addition, we employ a LAN extension for disaster recovery solutions. In this scenario, when a local server is not accessible, a replicated copy at a different location can be made available and there is no need for any network changes.

The server change will be fully transparent to local users and applications. Teleworkers VPN We offer secure connectivity options for your teleworkers.

This type of connectivity is suitable for access via laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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Users can connect from anywhere: For increased security and centralized employee management, a Local Active Directory looks after user authentication and our Edge router acts as a VPN server, managed remotely by ElastaLink.

Close Proximity Sites Many businesses will use two or more neighboring buildings. We can establish cost effective, high speed connectivity between these buildings using fibre connections or point-to-point fixed wireless connectivity if fibre does not exist. In such deployments, Internet access can be centralized to one location and shared between the buildings for a cost-effective solution that delivers high bandwidth.

See more about our Networking Services.The following site system roles in a native mode primary site support Internet-based client management, In this scenario, the site server initiates a connection to the site systems to retrieve information such as status messages from the site systems.

Configuring data retrieval from the site server is a more secure configuration than the. Unit 4 Exercise 1 Site-to-site Connectivity Scenario Chris Northington Junior Admin, To troubleshoot these issues, use the following utilities: * Domain Controller Diagnostics ( and Network Diagnostics ( utilities.

Figure Site-to-Site VPN Business Scenario. Figure shows the physical elements of the scenario. The Internet provides the core interconnecting . The L TE-NR multi-RA T and multi-connectivity scenario. results show that the performance of DC over traditional backhaul connections is close to that achievable with inter-site carrier.

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