Red hook projects

Decennial Census [6] As of the census [7] ofthere were 10, people, 3, households, and 2, families residing in the town.

Red hook projects

Mathieu Gagnon and Mathilde Forest were researching and gathering stories in order to create a body of work based on Red Hook architecture and heritage in the midst of social and economic changes. The Star Revue interviewed the artists at the end of their stay. It is as well an opportunity to document some architectural ensembles that may change or even disappear from the public spaceā€”in the context of intense real estate pressure that most of the neighborhoods are experiencing, especially the buildings located by the waterfront.

Mathilde Forest We started by researching Red Hook architectural heritage. They could be of any types, official or unofficial historical buildings, apartment projects, former naval buildings or giant warehouses so typical to Red Hook.

Visual archive research is also a key in our process.

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To give you some examples, our search for archives bring us back to the early years of Dutch settlement, in the glory years the shipping wards, and the construction of the BQE by Robert Moses in the early s. We have used archives material in some of our previous projects. We were struck by the amazing generosity of Red Hook people.

Also, the help that we receive from De Construckt director, Laura Arena, has also been incredibly valuable. SR As visual artists, what is specifically interesting in Red Hook according to you? F Some areas of Red Hook architecture totally work as a whole while there are also some interesting contrasts.

The fact that it is less directly accessible by a subway station sure contributes to this feeling when you get there.

Once in the heart of it, you feel a different time, much more quiet than most people would think, and with fresh air coming the closer you get to the waterfront.

The landscape is very interesting. Under the Gowanus was an area studied S. R Can you give us an example of the buildings that will appear in your series?

We found an interesting red brick and wood house on Coffey Street. It was vacant for several months. Last week, demolition began, so we had the opportunity to document it before, and during, this key moment that usually means upcoming changes to the landscape.

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This one mixes a curved arch portal and straight shapes and has stones masonry foundations. The cluster of several old buildings next to Coffey Park along Delavan and Verona streets is noteworthy. There will be more buildings of this type, those are also heritage buildings that are less known than the typical ones, with the 19th-century arched doorway warehouses on the waterfront.

People from Montreal will feel familiar with the enormous grain elevator at Henry Street Basin when they will see it. SR What are the links between your previous projects and this project in Red Hook? What made you choose this neighborhood? G Most of our projects are multidisciplinary and incorporate community ideas and narratives about their surroundings.

Red hook projects

We try to find overlooked heritage buildings as a starting point to continue a broader reflection about architecture. One of our last projects was in Japan. We were particularly interested in the phenomenon of devitalization that this country is currently going through.

As a result, many historic houses are abandoned in the countryside. We chose Red Hook because of its architecture and that the changes affecting some other parts of Brooklyn have not yet been seen to that scale in Red Hook. Many seem to feel it was kind of protected because it has been isolated, while the real-estate pressure is real.

Red hook projects

SR What is the next step for the project? F This project will be part of our next exhibition in Canada and we want to come back to Red Hook as soon as possible to exhibit the work too.Red Hook is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, New is located on a peninsula projecting into the Upper New York Harbor.

A prosperous shipping and port area in the early 20th century, the area declined in the latter part of the century. Canadian visual artist duo Gagnon-Forest spent the last 2 months in Red Hook doing an art residency in collaboration with De Construkt Project.

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Red Hook day was beautiful today I really enjoyed it it brought back a lot of memories when Met up with old time people that I knew for years/5(70). Welcome to the Projects in Your Neighborhood.

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