Quote and summaries event and plots of the book monster by walter dean myers

But was Steve really the lookout who gave the "all clear" to the murderer, or was he just in the wrong place at the wrong time? In this innovative novel by Walter Dean Myers, the reader becomes both juror and witness during the trial of Steve's life.

Quote and summaries event and plots of the book monster by walter dean myers

Defining something as the most important in a text is up to the reader and the answers must be considered as subjective.

Subjective means something is based upon an individual's opinions and feelings. Therefore, when examining the fifteen most important events in Monster, many lists will not be exactly the same. Outside of that, one could look at the following as being some There are many important events in Monster by Walter Dean Myers.

Outside of that, one could look at the following as being some of the most important events in the novel. The opening of the novel.

Monster: A Graphic Novel Book Review

In the opening, readers find out that Steve is in a cell in jail. He is describing why the best time to cry is at night.

This is important given it shows his fear. The "scene" between Steve and his family.

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Here, readers see how his family members are affected by his arrest and trial. The scene with the transcriptionist and the court officers.

Quote and summaries event and plots of the book monster by walter dean myers

The transcriptionist only wants the trial to be long so that she can make more money. The flashback to Steve and his brother. This scene is important because it shows Steve as who he really is on the outside. The scene with Steve running from the man who was almost hit by a rock he threw.

This scene shows Steve's mischievous side. Could be looked at as criminal to support those who believe him to be guilty. The scene with Steve on the porch talking about making money. Again, this scene could be examined further to try to convince others that Steve is guilty if one does not believe he is.

The scene where Steve is with his lawyer and asks her if they are going to win. This scene is important because it shows his lawyer's difference of opinion regarding his trial.


She states that "it probably depends on what you mean by "win. Each of the testimonies given either support Steve's defense or dispute them. The fact that many of those who testify in the trail have criminal records show the problems of the courts.

The verdict scene is important because of how both Steve's mother and lawyer react. Reader's can see why Steve's lawyer has acted as she has throughout his trial and why his mother has stood by him. The closing scene of the novel provides closure for some and anger for others.

Therefore, the conclusion is not a conclusion for some readers.

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Instead, the conclusion leaves some feeling as if they have found no closure.Monster by Walter Dean Myers Lesson plans and learning activities Monster by Walter Dean Myers Lesson plans and learning activities Monster A collection of reading strategies to support this book, including an anticipation guide.

Walter Dean Myers Booklist Walter Dean Myers Message Board Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Shooter This book for teens is written more like a compilation of reports than it is like an actual book.

After the publication of his first book, Myers changed his name from Walter Milton Myers to, as he wrote in SAAS, "one that would honor my foster parents, Walter Dean Myers." He also remarried, and he and his wife Connie had a son, Christopher, an artist who has illustrated several of his father's works.

Walter Dean Myers creates the story of sixteen-year-old Steve Harmon, from Steve's point of view, as he struggles with the fact that he is being tried for felony murder. It is a trial that, if the jury finds him guilty, could result in the death penalty at worst, and at best, over twenty years in prison.

Walter Dean Myers’s Monster is an experimental novel written in the form of a film script by its main character, Steve Harmon. Portions of the novel also take the form of a diary kept by Harmon. Study Notes for Monster by Walter Dean Myers-Book Summary Chapter Notes. Monster by Walter Dean Myers Book Review / Chapter Notes. Some titles include additional information regarding Motifs, Quotes, Critical Reviews, Term Paper Ideas, Essay Ideas, Bibliography and more. The booknote is fully searchable. Jun 29,  · Walter Dean Myers writes books troubled teens can relate to Juvenile book author Walter Dean Myers writes stories troubled teens can identify with. He knows their world because he once was one of.

Oct 06,  · Summary. This New York Times bestselling novel from acclaimed author Walter Dean Myers tells the story of Steve Harmon, a teenage boy in juvenile detention and on trial. Presented as a screenplay of Steve's own imagination, and peppered with journal entries, the book shows how one single decision can change our whole lives.

Monster by Walter Dean Myers MAG. It has a very believable plot, too, which is another ­reason Monster is so good. and how they adapt to the different events in the book. I recommend.

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