Project work


Project work

Hear about his unique process and how he became an architectural model-maker - one of only a handful in the UK today.

As plans have matured and changed shape, so Project work has the model, providing an invaluable tool for communicating the vision of the picture house project. Explore the model inside and out to discover how we plan to preserve and renew our century-old cinema.

Step-free access A new ramp at the front of the cinema will extend from the pavement to the main entrance, providing step-free access to the building. New seating will run alongside the ramp, providing a communal space for those meeting friends outside.

New windows help better connect the Picture House with its local community, encouraging local residents to explore inside. Platform lift Alongside a staircase at the far side of the extension, a wheelchair accessible lift will also be installed, providing access to all three levels.

New toilets Two new gender-neutral toilets will sit on the first floor of the extension, accessible via a short flight of stairs and positioned directly next to the lift. Break-out space A multi-functional room will take up most of the first-floor, offering much needed space that will be used for range of purposes.

As well as a providing a place that audiences can enjoy before heading into a film, it will also allow the cinema to run more workshops and sessions as part of its growing activity programme, as well as offering a meeting area in the daytime for local groups, charities and schools.

New auditorium entrance A new, larger entrance to the auditorium will be installed.

Project work

This will feature two doors, with an acoustic lobby inside, helping to prevent sound bleed from the foyer into the auditorium. Accessible toilet A new wheelchair accessible toilet will be positioned in the foyer, helping wave goodbye to years of inaccessible toilets at the Hyde Park Picture House.

The back wall of the foyer will extend further into the auditorium to house the new box office, this will in-turn create more space in the immediate entranceway. Break-out space A cosy seating area will be located in the basement, offering additional space for customers to enjoy before seeing a film.

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New toilets Additional gender-neutral toilets will be housed downstairs too, positioned next to the lift. This will bring the total number of cubicle toilets in the cinema to seven up from the current number of three. It will also provide a space for more extracurricular events, from talks and presentations, to more screenings from artists and local filmmakers.

The results confirm the potential for expansion. Eildh Henderson is assigned as the lead project architect. May Fundraising planning A fundraising group is formed, consisting of staff, volunteers, Friends and partners.

Consultant Anna Scrine facilitates a session to help form a fundraising strategy and a plan for raising additional money. These are crucial in allowing engineers and architects to progress with the next stage of design work.

Updates include prospective building works, conservation plans, as well as business and activity preparations.

Sep HLF round 2 submission The Project formally submits an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for Round 2 approval, allowing the delivery stage of the project to begin. Nov Full project tendering to begin, relating to capital and refurbishment works.Title: HP Project and Portfolio Management Center - Solution brief Author: bobbie_dendy Subject: HP Project and Portfolio Management Center standardizes, manages and captures the execution of project and operational activities; this two-page brief provides a high-level overview of the center and its key HP Software components.

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