Male dominated society

There are women astronauts, pilots, office bosses, teachers and whatnot. But this does not mean all women are happy. It is time to deliberate on some issues related to the freedom enjoyed by women and the atrocities committed against women at home in particular and in the world in general. This presents a dismal picture because violence against women is rooted in the global culture of discrimination, which denies women equal rights.

Male dominated society

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When you ask a question like this, you need to look deeper than most people usually do. Most people, when they ask or entertain this kind of question, think of a "female-dominated society" as essentially the same construct we have now, but with mostly or entirely women in the titular positions of power.

If the truth of this isn't already obvious, then, just think about the way children play -- especially when they're older than toddlers but younger than tweens, when they naturally congregate in single-sex play groups.

When BOYS play together and make up games, they It's as plain as day by the time kids are even 8 or 9 years old -- Girls don't socialize, organize, play, or DO things in the same fundamental ways boys do. Adult life being what it is -- basically just an extension of the way kids play, but, with bigger stakes and more "adult" themes -- the same things translate pretty clearly into adult life.

Men gravitate toward organizations that are top-down, hierarchical, rigid, and objective [ In general, men also tend to try to formalize or systematize just about everything, as 3 2 redeyemindtricks though life were one giant AI module that needs to be programmable in code.

There are both good and bad sides to this, of course. For instance, the "group-oriented" nature of most women's socialization can put HUGE roadblocks in the way of women's innovation, leadership, and self-actualization So having said all of that can you pick one you'd personally prefer?

It's hard to say in a few hundred words exactly what that structure would be like -- but, it would definitely be a LOT less top-down and a LOT less driven by formal titles of authority which, as we know all too well from studying history, are pretty much nothing but an invitation to corruption.

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If we want to talk about a "female-dominated society" in seriousness, we have to try to imagine how things would be re-structured to.May 20,  · For Umm Sharif-and for many women in the Middle East and in Muslim societies around the world-the male-dominated code of a culture some Westerners think is .

Male-dominated definition: A male-dominated society, organization, or area of activity is one in which men have | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. “Male Patriarchy is a social system in which adult males hold primary power and predominate roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege, and control of property.

In the domain of the family, fathers hold authority over the women and children.”. Free Essay: The definition of a Male dominated society is “ A society that benefits men in the law's, education, government and day to day life.”. I believe.

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Male dominated society

Growing up in the 21st century is an experience, to say the least. It’s weird to say that I am neither pleased nor displeased with the way the country is headed, because the meaning of the word “weird” is hard to nail down.

Male dominated society
It’s a Man’s World, and It Always Will Be |