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Examples of easements are rights of way, rights of light and rights of water. Some may argue that the law which governs the creation and acquisition of easements has been developed in a haphazard manner and is in need of reform.

Land law easements essay writer

Modern land law; this has developed over a period of at least a thousand years. However, whilst it is assumed land is 'owned' by those with title to it under one of the two means of land ownership under section 1 of the Law of Property Act 'LPA' - freehold and leasehold - historically, English law was founded upon the premise all land was owned by the monarchy.

prednisone 20 mg Land law easements essay writing. linkedin sex determination in animals essay cat literature review for law dissertation 54 school kalolsavam oppana essay high school freshman year essay writer unlikely hero archetype essay. Revision note on easements in land law. Free study and revision resources for law students (LLB Degree/GDL) on the English Legal System. Land law; Order Description. This Coursework is related to Land law. My Coursework Quesiton is a scenario based question In the question, I have to explain, applying the relevant case and statute law in each instance, whether or not.

Therefore, the law looks to distinguish between the ownership of the land and the enjoyment of rights under the doctrine of estates.

This is because, as was stated in Walsingham's Case, "the land is one thing, and the estate in the land is another thing, for an estate in the land is a time in land law easements essay writer land, or land for a time, and there are diversities of estates which are no more than diversities of time".

The owner of the 'freehold' 'fee simple absolute in possession' is the larger of the two estates and tantamount to the actual ownership of the land because it is the most fundamental interest available indefinitely as long as there are people who can take the property under the will of the current owner, or under the rules relating to intestacy before reverting back to the crown, as lesser rights and interests are derived from it.

Accordingly, for example, where a lease is granted, the leasehold is simply carved out from the freehold interest and, where there is a trust of land, the equitable interest is enjoyed by the beneficiaries of the trust, but the freehold is generally held by the trustees.

Therefore, whilst the freehold interest in any land will be held by someone, the freeholder's rights will be qualified to the extent third parties enjoy interests that detract from the freeholder's right to enjoy the freehold themselves under section 1 3 of the LPA This is because the freeholder would need to know whether they would be bound to recognise any estates and interests someone may have in the property if they can prove they made a contribution.

Moreover, although such ownership prima facie carries with it the right of the freeholder to do whatever they want with their land, in reality their freedom is circumscribed by the state's intervention.

This is because ownership of certain valuable materials in the land is vested in the crown, whilst the ability of the freeholder to develop and build on the land, and the use it is put to, are all regulated by planning controls.

Land Law Essays. The selection of land law essays below have been submitted to us by students in order to help you with your studies. Easements And Profits Law Essays; Establishes Statutory Rights Of Access To Land And Water ; Experts In Preparing Reports Law Essays; The Future Development Of Malay Reservation Land Property Law Essay. In the past, English law has been underpinned by a strong and generally unifying desire to protect the rights of persons who could demonstrate a long established de facto enjoyment of land. Indeed, the Prescription Act legislatively entrenched prescription, and in particular, prescriptive easements. An easement essentially is a right in another’s land and confers both a benefit and a burden. Megarry & Wade[1] introduces easements by stating: – “The common law recognised a limited number of rights which one landowner could acquire over the land of another; and these rights were called easements and profits. Examples of easements [ ].

Therefore, it is clear that whilst the freeholder may 'own' the land, their rights are neither absolute nor insurmountable in such cases because of the need to generally co-exist with other rights and interests of surrounding properties. This is because Charlotte needs to be advised if she covenanted with the previous owners of Bluetiles that neither they nor their successors in title would build any construction or extend any presently existing construction beyond the rear of the property then their successors in title to William could not generally take the benefit of any agreement unless he was also prepared to accept the related burdens.

Moreover, with regards to the possibility of unregistered 'equitable easements', Charlotte needs to be advised that this may be recognised as an easement under the rules of estoppel where she can show there was a representation or assurance from the previous owner she would be entitled to exercise an easement over Bluetiles, and Charlotte acted to her detriment upon it, then an easement may be said to have been created that William must abide by now.

This is because she may argue that the light to her skylight is obscured for the right to light as a nuisance by interfering with her 'comfort'.

But it will be dependent upon the specific circumstances of the case because of the fact that the amount of light to be expected will be dependent upon the nature of the property because a mere diminution in the light is not sufficient and just because Charlotte had a 'special use' of her study as a crime fiction writer unless William was aware of this fact when the easement was acquired.

However, there is also a duty to disclose 'overriding interests' that adversely affect the land. This is because the concept of 'unregistered interests' is inconsistent with any clear system of land registration so they must now be noted on the land register so they cease to be 'overriding' and that only legal easements and profits can be now be 'overriding' except 'equitable easements' that were 'overriding' before the 13th October Therefore, Charlotte would need to be advised that William would only be able to build the two-storey extension to Bluetiles subject to planning permission so long as the 'equitable easement' was created after the 13th October and so this may be dependent upon his long Bluetiles had been empty before William moved in.Property & Land Law.

1) In looking to discuss how far a freeholder can be regarded as the outright and unrestricted owner of the land.

Modern land law; this has developed over a .

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Land Law Essays. The selection of land law essays below have been submitted to us by students in order to help you with your studies. Easements And Profits Law Essays; Establishes Statutory Rights Of Access To Land And Water ; Experts In Preparing Reports Law Essays; The Future Development Of Malay Reservation Land Property Law Essay.

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land law easements essay writer

Covenants and Easements Law Essay. Paul owned the freehold of a house, Miskin Court, and the estate surrounding it. On the eastern side of the house was a long driveway running from the north to the south and connecting the house to roads on the northern and southern boundaries of the estate.

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easements give the dominant landowner a right to prevent the servient landowner from doing something on the servient land. As easements are proprietary rights,they are capable of running with the land; so the law is careful not to expand the category of easements too readily.

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land law easements essay writer

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