Intelligence nature nurture essay

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Intelligence nature nurture essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Sociology — Nature Versus Nurture The roles of nature what we genetically inherit and or nurture what we learn in making us what we are have long been argued.

The idea that humans are determined by these two influences dates back to the ancient Greek philosopher Protagorus who in the fifth century BC compared physics nature and nomos tradition. It is however difficult to unravel the separate influences of nature and nurture.

The nature versus nurture debate concentrates on the question of how far our behavior is determined by nature at birth or by nurture after birth.

Intelligence nature nurture essay

In seventeenth century philosopher John Locke claimed that the mind of a child was like a Tabula Rasa blank slate. People became what they were taught to be. By the second half of nineteenth century many social scientists started to argue that human behavior is determined by nature.

Animals are governed by instincts fixed traits that are inherited and shared by all members of a species. These inherited mechanisms enable members of the species to perform complex tasks. The young cuckoos later on travel miles and join their par4ents-without ever having made the journey and with no one to guide them.

Experiments have indicated that other birds also seem to have some inborn sense that guides their migration. Because animals are governed by instincts and human are also animals, some scholars reasoned that human behavior must also be governed by instincts. As a result many social scientists searched for the supposed instants that would explain all kinds of human behavior when they saw a mother feeding her baby they attributed it to the maternal instinct, when they were asked to explain war, they explained it was the aggressive instinct.

They eventually discovered more that instincts, ranging from laughing instinct to a religious instinct. But these ideas of instinct have many short comings.

Firstly the concept of instinct was tautological. The instinct that was discovered was just another name for what was to be explained. For example the aggressive instinct was just another way of saying that they engage in warfare, in the same way that high temperature is another way of saying hot weather.

Secondary the same instinct was used to explain contradictory actions for example the acquisitive instinct was used to explain both hard honest work and bank robbery. Thirdly, instincts are supposed to be in all human but human behavior around the world varies greatly.

For example Arapesh of New Guinea or the Tasaday of Philippines do not have aggressive, nature in their behavior, if human have self preservative instinct then they would not have committed suicides.

InAn American psychologist Jensen claimed that only to percent of the variation between peoples intelligence is due to their social environment while 80 percent is fixed from birth by genetic inheritance.

Another American psychologist, Professor Thomas Bouchard of Minnesota University carried out an experiment on Jim Twins which also help to argue that human behavior is determined more bye nature than by nurture. For example, James Lewis and James Springer were identical twins who were separated in the first year of life and brought up separately.

He discovered an amazing number of coincidences about Jim Twins: Thus the case of Jim Twins might lead us towards the idea that nature determines our human behavior.

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Sociobiology the systematic study of the biological basis of all social behavior was developed by E. Wilson in s.Nature vs. Nurture Essay.

The debate between nature vs nurture is one of the longest and most heated ones in the history of psychology.

The terms “nature” and “nurture” refer to the roles of environment and heredity in the development of a human psyche. Essay Nature Vs Nurture: Nature And Nurture In the field of psychology, nature and nurture is one of the most enduring debates. This debate within psychology is concerned with the extent to which particular aspects of behavior are a product of either inherited or acquired characteristics.

Nurture The relative contributions of nature and nurture are an apparent part of human development which makes us ask the question, are heredity and environment opposing forces?(Sternberg ) The question of nature vs.

nurture can be examined and can . Bateson () asserts that intelligence is the most controversial sector in the debate of nature verses nurture.

This is due to the fact that intelligence- an individual's capacity to think reasonably and handle challenges reasonably- is related closely to achievement in both scholastic and other conditions.

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It is often debated whether intelligence is significantly influenced by a person's environment or their genes. Now, a study has shown that intelligence is a product of nurture as well as nature.

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