Fishing is for old souls

Painting[ edit ] Fishing for Souls shows an allegory of the jealousy between the various religious denominations during the Twelve Years Truce between the Dutch Republic and Spain.

Fishing is for old souls

The weather shows we are looking at highs near 60 most days with some true frosty temps in the next week or two. And as usual with the cooler water temps the fishing improves. The bite is still on crawlers but that is also changing quickly.

Three days ago me and clients caught as many fish on minnows as we did crawlers. Yesterday we only caught one Smallie on a minnow and the limit of walleye and the rest of the smallies and crappie were caught on crawlers.

The walleye bite has been very good for us. I've been fishing lakes from Lac du Flambeau to Arbor Vitae and most have been caught in more that 20' of water. Yesterday we got them in 28'. We did catch some small walleye in 10' next to weed lines but the big ones were in the deeper water near rock ridges near mud lines.

Those of you that have fished with me know I like the slow drag. The one day we fished it was so windy that when we pitched our jigs out we couldn't feel the bottom but knew we were there just because of the amount of time we let them sink.

The good part was that when we worked the bait back in slow we knew anything we felt was a fish. We caught some nice walleyes in the 20's that day with that method.

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Of course we had the advantage of knowing we were fishing on a sand bottom so we didn't have to worry about snags. The Small Mouth Bass we have been catching have been good sized. Again, the bigger fish came from deeper water.

They are definitely spread out as we never "got into them" -- it was one here, one there. The big gills are starting to become active.

Again, crawlers have worked the best in 15' of water or more. When those bulldevils hit and turn sideways you think you popped a big walleye until you see your line going in circles. They are great table fare.

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I gotta get out by myself and get a bunch of those. I just bought a fish scaler tumbler that I'm anxious to try out! I love fillets with the skin still on them. Haven't seen a lot of perch or northern lately but that will change with the cooler temps too.

I might head out for my yearly trip to Escanaba Lake to grab about 40 or so perch.

Fishing is for old souls

They will taste great this winter after being in my tumbler and then filleted. Crappie are starting to come around a little better now, still not the big bite yet. They are getting deeper also and relating to wood piles as they normally do this time of year.

That's more great table fare. I actually did better with Gulp! Client story of the week. His five year old daughter was shore fishing with him a few days after a "put and take" lake was filled with trout.

It wasn't quite as crowed a few days after the opening day but there were still a few guys trying to fill their coolers. So she catches a nice one on her Barbie pole, very excited and decides after much inspection that she is going to let it go.

She cradles the fish with two hands and starts to lower it to the waters edge when a guy not to far from her asks her "what are you doing?And when you know that you have “Fishing in your Soul ” That’s when you know you are Salt Strong.

And if you believe this describes you, then please do the following 2 things (watch the video and get 2 FREE Salt Strong decals): . Manitowish Waters fishing reports sponsored by: Click here for more info on Townline Sports. Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin Fishing Reports & Conditions.

LOCAL INFORMATION: Surrounded by pristine lakes and tall pines, the Manitowish Waters chain includes ten lakes, making it one of the finest chains of lakes in Wisconsin. Fishing for Souls is a oil on panel painting by the Dutch Golden Age artist Adriaen van de Venne in the collection of the Rijksmuseum.

Painting. Fishing for Souls shows an allegory of the jealousy between the various religious denominations during the Twelve Years Truce between the Dutch Republic and Adriaen van de Venne. Fishing for Souls, Adriaen Pietersz. van de Venne, oil on panel, h cm × w cm More details.

At the left are the Protestant north Netherlanders, and at the right the Catholic southerners. Both parties fish for souls in the wide river dividing them. The Protestants’ catch is greater than that of the Catholics. Old Souls, Cold Spring, New York. likes.

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