An discussion on the existence of god

Atheism is a particular position that does not affirm or reject the existence of Gods. The popular belief that Atheists do not believe in the existence of the divine is not entirely true, Atheists are non-theists, meaning that they do not believe in the worship of deities particularly as their existence has not been proven as truth. Supernatural claims do not bear weight on atheists as they are skeptical about it. Despite this they do not share a singular philosophy or ideology but delve into humanist philosophies to back up their claims about anti-deism.

An discussion on the existence of god

The Existence of God by Dr. Alban Douglas The first lesson of lessons from the page book, " Bible Lessons: God's Answers to Man's Questions" by Dr. To view another excerpt from this book, " Questions Scripturally Answered," click here.

This book is an excellent resource that can be used for personal Bible study, Sunday school classes, sermon preperation, discipleship of new Christians, and as a witnessing tool.

An discussion on the existence of god

This handy volume contains comprehensive outlines of major Christian doctrines and key themes relevant to the Christian life. Each lesson ends with a list of helpful review questions ideal for group Bible study.

There are more thancopies in print in 16 languages. Also, it was used as the basis for the popular radio program, "Theological Seminar of the Air. We are constantly challenged by atheists, skeptics and hecklers to prove that there is a God.

It is difficult for natural man to believe in something that he cannot see, touch or feel I Cor. The problem for the Christian is solved with the first verse of the Bible, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" Gen. The Bible is not a textbook that attempts to prove the existence of God - the Bible opens with a positive fact that God does exist.

It did not occur to any other writer of the Bible to prove this fact. The Bible plainly states that it is the fool who denies the existence of God. The greatest proof apart from Scripture of the existence of God is our daily fellowship with Him in prayer.

I know that there is a God because I talked to Him today and He heard and answered the prayer of my heart though it was only whispered silently. Let us study some other less convincing but nevertheless powerful arguments.

They know that some Being creates and controls. Some atheists may claim that their conscience does not tell them about God.

It is doubtful if a genuine atheist can be found for at best they are men who have stilled conscience by blatant unbelief. Some men are so blind that they may deny the existence of the sun in the sky but that does not alter the fact that the sun exists, rises and sets each day.

None are so blind as those who refuse to see.The Existence of God by Dr. Alban Douglas The first lesson of lessons from the page book, " Bible Lessons: God's Answers to Man's Questions" by Dr. Alban Douglas. Discussion Prompt 2: What do you think is the strongest evidence for God’s existence?

Against His existence? This is a simple follow-up to the previous question, designed to draw out the strongest objections to God’s existence within the group, along with the strongest evidence for it. Encourage open discussion on this topic and work to create an atmosphere where unbelievers have to face some new ideas about God’s existence.

An discussion on the existence of god

If there is a really tough objection, acknowledge it honestly and bring it up at the end of the hour. If God were omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent, then evil would not exist.

The concept of the God of Classical Theism is incoherent because within the attributes of God contradict each other and they also contradict our experience of the universe.

The discussion over the existence of God remains one of the finest pursuits of the human mind to break out of the world and surpass the practical or extraordinary realm of experience. Without a doubt, the question of God's existence is one of the most significant questions of human philosophy.

Jun 03,  · A god proofing the Universe into existence seems like magic to me. I believe everything works according to the natural laws. The fact that the various books in the bible have one primary theme is because the compilers of the bible planned it .

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