An analysis of the heroism in the movie con air by nicholas cage

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An analysis of the heroism in the movie con air by nicholas cage

November ISSN —, pp. The s saw a steady growth in the world prison population with the USA contributing significantly to the upward trend. The current article attempts to redress this neglect.

An analysis of the heroism in the movie con air by nicholas cage

It is concluded that, with respect to film, the notion of challenging media misrepresentations of prisons and prisoners is problematic.

The reported numbers of persons incarcerated in the United States, Britain and in most other countries in Western Europe saw a sustained and significant growth throughout the s. By February the reported US prison population had passed the two million mark, an event thought by some to see the US replace Russia at the top of the world incarceration league Walmsley ; Campbell Opponents of prison growth have begun to investigate the role of the mass media in fuelling the growth of the prison population.

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Mathiesen and Walmsley have suggested that in Britain and Europe the increased willingness to incarcerate in the s can be traced back to media reporting of isolated, high-profile dramatic events.

More generally Mathiesenargues that the increased willingness to incarcerate could not be justified under conditions of unrestricted rational debate.

The mass media play a significant role in these processes. In a similar vein Walmsley argues that the public have a poor understanding of the characteristics of the offending population and their offences, and are poorly informed on the relative effectiveness of custodial and non-custodial sentences.

There is a need, therefore, to counter selective and simplistic media representations of offenders and their offences and to educate the public in the reality of offending, the functions of prison and the human and social costs of imprisonment Walmsley For the United States specifically, the growth of the capacity of the prison system has been fuelled in part by the building of new capacity in the form of super-maximum security facilities.

As King has argued, this construction is an unfair misrepre- sentation of the characteristic inmate population or even that section of it to which the term might be applied. Whilst the two are not incompatible, and there is no reason why both should not feature in a list of objectives, they could be seen to reflect distinctly different ideas about how social change is effected.

More work needs to be done to think through the role challenging media mis representations might play in opposing prison growth. Mathiesen and more recently Mathiesen have speculated on the influence of television news reporting on penal policy.

Mathiesen suggests that: The remainder of this article will consist of an exploration of some of the issues that might be involved in opening up this area. A brief and selective review of some of the existing literature available on this topic is undertaken in order to suggest a number of issues that might be considered in an analysis of representations of prison in s Hollywood cinema.

The second section then examines four significant prison-related films of the s. The aim will be to suggest an interpretative reading of these films identify- ing the meanings and understandings that they might put into circulation concerning the legitimacy of prison as a form of analysis of the heroism in the movie con air by nicholas cage Bordelaise Welbie is healing, her an analysis of urban legends in the boyfriends death whish translationally.

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An analysis of the heroism in the movie con air by nicholas cage
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