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Not just another tracking tool A great sales tool underestimated 10 Reasons why sales people need CRM Typically, sales managers find it easy to see the benefits of adopting a Customer Relationship Management CRM system. They appreciate that in CRM their sales data is going to be stored centrally and presented in an easy-to-follow format, allowing them to monitor sales processesstaff performance and, as a result, optimize selling. But what about average rep in B2B sales? Sales people often see CRM as another tool, as more work and just another way for their bosses keeping track of their work.

A report on crm practices by

Following these insights from previous CRM buyers can help shed even more light on the process and help you decide which CRM is best for your business. Were you using a different CRM before purchasing your current software?

Why did you switch? Additionally, nearly a third of second generation CRM users said that they switched because their previous CRM was no longer supported.

That's a far higher percentage than other types of software users we polled. The CRM industry has had its fair share of acquisitions and mergersnot to mention that many CRM vendors went out of business in the early s when the dot-com bubble burst.

The industry's long history compared to other, greener types of software may account for why a large number of users have been forced to switch. The third most common reason for switching is that the previous CRM became too expensive.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This price sensitivity makes sense since CRM pricing increases as the number of users grows. Once a business gets to a certain number of sales, marketing, and customer service reps, it may make sense to re-evaluate their CRM and see if they can get a lower cost-per-user with another system that's better catered to their size.

What first prompted your need for a CRM? Respondents first started to recognize their need for a CRM solution when keeping track of customers, sales revenue, and key metrics started to get out of hand. It's not unusual for businesses without a CRM to use Excel spreadsheets, rolodexes of business cards, or a list of email addresses to keep track of their customers.

By upgrading to CRM software, not only can you centralize your database of customer information, but in doing so, you can also track sales revenue and key business performance metrics in a far simpler way than with Excel or lists.

How many options did you demo before making your final decision? Once they'd made the decision to buy a CRM, three quarters of respondents did demonstrations of at least two solutions to compare their options.

Compared to other types of business software purchasers, CRM buyers tended to do fewer demos. Actual monthly, per user With such a wide range of price points for CRMit's no surprise that most respondents either over- or under-shot their budget.

A report on crm practices by

With so many parties involved and actively using the CRM each day, it makes sense that companies would value that the software works as they need it to and in an intuitive way.

And in most cases, CRM implementations took less time than buyers expected. From measuring sales pipelines to tracking customer lifetime value, and even monitoring team productivity, there are countless ways to use the data in a typical CRM.

We asked users how long they'd been using their CRM, as well as their favorite features and most lacking features to get a sense of how CRM use changes over time. How long have you been using your current CRM?

A report on crm practices by

Two thirds of our survey respondents had been using their CRM for more than a year. On average, most respondents had used their CRM for about years. Most used features When asked which features respondents used most, calendar management and email marketing functionality topped the list.

This data shows that CRM users tend to be more sophisticated in their use of other sales and marketing technology than non-CRM users.A customer relationship management (CRM) application is what you need to boost your company's sales practices.

We test and compare 10 CRM solutions so you can pick the best one for your business. Connect with kaja-net.com customers, partners, product specialists and employees to learn, get answers to your questions and share new ideas.

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This CRM special report discusses the best practices that all companies can employ in implementing a CRM software system, at both strategic and tactical levels, to address people/change management and technology issues.

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