A brief history of fleischer studios once the biggest competitior of disney

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A brief history of fleischer studios once the biggest competitior of disney

Number of employees Approx. It was founded in as Inkwell Studios by brothers Max Fleischer and Dave Fleischer who ran the pioneering company from its inception until Paramount Picturesthe studio's parent company and the distributor of its films, acquired ownership.

In its prime, Fleischer Studios was a premier producer of animated cartoons for theaters, with Walt Disney Productions 's becoming its chief competitor in the s. Unlike other studios, whose characters were anthropomorphic animals, the Fleischers' most successful characters were humans with the exception of Bimbo.

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The cartoons of the Fleischer Studio were very different from the Disney product, both in concept and in execution. As a result, the Fleischer cartoons were rough rather than refined, commercial rather than consciously artistic.

But in their unique way, their artistry was expressed through a culmination of the arts and sciences. The "novelty" was based largely on the results of the " Rotoscope ", invented by Fleischer to produce realistic animation.

InThe Bray Studio ran afoul with legal issues, having contracted for more films than it could deliver to its distributor, The Goldwyn Company. Huemer's new design and experience as an Animator moved them away from their dependency on The Rotoscope for fluid animation. In addition to defining the clown, Huemer established the Fleischer style with its distinctive thick and thin ink lines.

Throughout the s, Fleischer was one of the leading producers of animation with clever moments and numerous innovations including the "Rotograph", an early "Aerial Image" photographic process for compositing animation with live action backgrounds. Other innovations included Ko-Ko Song Car-Tunes and sing-along shorts featuring the famous " bouncing ball "a precursor to Karaoke.

Because the Out of the Inkwell films were a major part of the program in Riesenfeld's theaters, the Fleischers were invited to become partners.

The Red Seal Company committed to an ambitious release schedule of 26 films with The Inkwell Studio as the primary supplier.

The following year, Red Seal released films that included documentaries, short comedy subjects, and live-action serials.

A brief history of fleischer studios once the biggest competitior of disney

Carrie of the Chorus, also known as Backstage Comedies, was one of the Red Seal series that featured Max's daughter, Ruth in a supporting role. Ray Bolger made his screen debut in this series and dated Ruth for a short time.

The Animated Hair series resembled the on-screen hand drawing gimmick establish in Out of the Inkwell. In this case, "Marcus" produced high-quality ink line portraits of celebrities and political figures.

Then through stop motion animation techniques, the lines and forms would break away to entertainingly re-form the portrait into another. It was during this time that Dr. Lee de Forest started filming his early Phonofilms experiments featuring several of the major Broadway headliners.Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online.

Fictional anthropomorphic characters

Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s. The same year also saw competition increase as Max Fleischer's flapper cartoon character, Betty Boop, gained popularity among theater audiences. [48] Fleischer, considered Disney's main rival in the s, [49] was also the father of Richard Fleischer, whom Disney would later hire to direct his film 20, Leagues Under the Sea.

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From any other studio executive, this would come across as insincere, even manipulative, but Lasseter, chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar, is quite possibly the most.